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Price of nVidia GTX 560 drops to compete – is it enough?

Graphics is a competitive business. Tell us something we don’t know. Pricing is important anyway, but even more so around a launch. Fine-tuning the price is important most of the time. Around the launch of a new product, it is crucial. nVidia is aiming to sit the GTX560 on a very thin fence. Slip either way and profits or unit sales will plummet.  KitGuru has spent all morning with its ear to the ground, this is what we heard.

When KitGuru’s bored, we sometimes monitor our web traffic – you know – flip a few IPs and see where they come from. It’s always fun to run a story on, say, the price of the GTX 560 being too high at $299 – then seeing a load of IP activity in the Santa Clara area – followed by nVidia settling on $279 as the final street price.

Naturally, the final price has nothing to do with anything we write. It’s all just coincidence. <Insert your favourite, most bizarre and unlikely conspiracy theory here>.

How the launch price for $279 will translate to €uros or Gr£at British Pounds, we can’t be sure.

"OK, were these the GTX560 cards you were thinking of ?" Jen Hsun's much closer with his second guess. But it will be mid-February before we know if it was 100% right.

OK, now we have reported on the launch price for the GTX560, the question becomes “Has nVidia got it right ?”

That’s actually an easier question to answer – and it swings focus onto AMD. If Jen Hsun has played his cards right, then BB will swing into action (nope, not Big Brother, but AMD price influencers BergmanByrne instead).

Now Jen Hsun's pulled out his card trick, it will be up to AMD's very own gurus to see if his guess is right.

So there you have it. If AMD’s pricing remains static, nVidia got it wrong. If AMD moves, Jen Hsun called it right. Stay tuned!

KitGuru says: If the US price of $299 becomes £219 including VAT in the UK, then we still think that’s too high. At £199 or less it could do well, but £200 is psychologically big for British buyers.

Are we wrong?  Tell us below or in the KitGuru forum.

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