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VIP believes Microsoft can win because of iPad weaknesses

There is a comic depiction doing the rounds on Facebook right now. It shows Bill Gates launching the tablet concept a decade ago and no one caring – with a shot of Jobs and the iPad next to it. VIP is one of the UK's biggest distributors and its sales director, Dave Stevinson, believes Microsoft can win tablet business with their upcoming ‘Surface'. It's possible, but do KitGuru readers agree with his logic?

Comparing Apples and PCs is like comparing Apple juice and a Tropical Juice Mix. With the Apple juice, you know where you are – from the pip in a compost-rich soil, to the final pressing and presentation. Not everyone likes the taste, but everyone is sure what it is.

PCs are different. No two stores use the same fruits to make a Tropical Fruit drink and that offers up advantages and disadvantages. For example, you can appeal to a wider audience, but something can go wrong with your mix.

Enough fruit – on to Dave Stevinson and the VIP-view of the world.

He has come right out and said that not only do business customers struggle in integrate iPads with existing systems – they also have challenges getting software to work properly. It seems that VIP customers are not sure how best to work with Apple's operating system and – most curious – they are concerned about the virus risk of using iPads on a network.

To quote Dave, “Corporates struggle to seamlessly integrate ipads into their infrastructure, facing challenges of software compatibility, duplication, anti-virus and the Apple OS”.

Most users are probably more familiar with Windows office applications, but it seems that businesses are scared that Apple leaves a corporate open to abuse.

Here's how Dave put it, “Users love the form factor of tablets, enterprises need the security of Microsoft”.

After casting doubts on Apple's ability to work securely in a business environment, he's also concerned that Microsoft will struggle to sell tablets to end users.

His logic is straightforward, “Whether Microsoft will be able to capture the hearts of the casual user (the biggest demographic) with intuitive independent applications and games is still to be proven”.

Overall, once you get past Dave's highly cautious approach, he does come out in favour of a Microsoft win, “Users love the form factor of tablets, enterprises need the security of Microsoft  – so here we have what on paper looks like  a win win situation. My prediction is businesses will find the integration of the Intel based Microsoft Surface tablet  a far easier proposition than the roll out of several hundred iPads”.

Asked if he believes enough to buy one himself, Dave was unequivocal, “Without a shadow of doubt – I will have my name down for the Microsoft Surface and am rather excited about the future”

KitGuru says: Dave must be an England fan. We reckon it will come down to price, performance and ‘deals with telcos'. If Microsoft hits £299 and you can get a working Surface Tablet from T-Mobile for £15 a month – it's a winner.

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