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Google To Start One Of The Hottest Summers

It looks like this summer will be a hot one, and not just the weather. The new Google 7” tablet looks set to be released this year and with it will come one of the hottest price wars we’ve seen to a long while.

Google have decided to go in to direct competition with Amazons Kindle Fire. If rumours are right, then Google are releasing their new 7 inch tablet at the very keen price of $199 to match the Kindle Fire. If these prices turn out to be correct likes of Samsung, Lenovo and Acer are all going to have to re-think their current pricing to have a chance of being competitive.

Both Acer and Lenovo are currently selling for $279 and some Samsung models are still priced at $500.

As the price of production comes down and the specification goes up, the major players are going to have to make that hard choice of profit over market share.

Kitguru says: We welcome any price war as we get more for our money

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