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Google Account Activity brings analytics to your personal life

Google strives “to make technology so simple and intuitive that you stop thinking about it,”  but still wants to offer us the chance to take a step back from it all. As a result Google has just launched Account Activity which is essentially a personal analytics tool for your entire Google account in a beta form.

Just some of the statistics you can expect from Google's personal analytics tool

I just signed up to the service and in the month ending 26th of March I sent 133 emails to 22 contacts (apparently I’ve sent 92 emails to myself,) and recieved over 2,000 emails. It also gives me an insight into my search history, including the figure of 832 searches; the most popular being “lenovo nz” and that 56% of my searches were for web based content. Google Account Activity also tells me my Youtube videos got a whopping 212 views in the last 30 days.

After the first month of data logging it will also supply you with month on month usage statistics, as seen in the above image.

It also tells you where and what browsers and platforms your Google account has been accessed from and offers the ability for Google Latitude data. Thanks to this sort of data it also makes it easier to spot if your account has been compromised in some way.

Kitguru says: Offering users some interesting data while also allowing for increase security, nice move Google.

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