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Sony deal with two more breaches, one in Brazil

Well they keep coming, with almost daily updates now, but Sony are contending with two more hacks on their servers. The company have suspended their Brazilian music entertainment website as they look into a possible breach. Sony are looking into further claims that a hacking group have stolen data relating to the companies game operation.

Sony have been facing a constant barrage of attacks since they waged war on George Hotz for posting the Playstation 3 root key online. They are probably wishing now that they could turn back time and take Hotz under their wing rather than pursuing him for his actions. They are still proceeding with legal actions against jailbreakers.

Earlier this week Sony admitted that their websites in Europe were breached and that the Culver City Sony Pictures film studio had also been hacked. Earlier last month they have had to deal with 100 million accounts being compromised after a major attack on the Playstation Network.

Sony have told Bloomberg yesterday that the latest attacks “may have altered some content” but didn’t go into more details into what exactly has been compromised.

Sony have already claimed that they will lose billions due to downtime and issues related to network security issues, so it will be interesting to see how they bounce back. Hacking groups are not giving them much time to recuperate, which is proving a problem for the electronics giant.

KitGuru said: Will it end for Sony anytime soon?

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