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AMD and IBM score Wii-U win

AMD are proud of the fact that the new Wii U console is being powered by AMD’s graphics. While very little information has been posted online, AMD are providing a custom GPU design for the new Nintendo console.

AMD were the obvious choice for the Wii U console, as they have worked before with Nintendo on previous console designs, such as the Wii and the Gamecube. If the Wii U is a big seller for Nintendo, as we expect it will be, this will certainly help AMD revenue streams over the coming years.

While Nintendo always sell millions of consoles, there are fears in certain parts of the analyst community that it might not be as big as seller as Nintendo hope. This could be because people already own a Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 and are waiting on Sony and Microsoft to refresh their lineup in the future. Is the timing bad for Nintendo?

IBM will be partnering up with AMD as they provide the CPU for the Wii U design. The 45nm processor will have a high level of DRAM embedded and is said to be significantly more powerful than the version found in the Xbox 360. The processor is built using IBM’s silicon on insulator technology (SOI).

IBM told Engadget that the processor has ‘a lot’ of eDRAM, but wouldn’t be more explicit. IBM claim that their embedded DRAM technology allows them to “triple the amount of memory contained on a single chip” making “for extreme game play”.

KitGuru says: Will the Wii U be a runaway success? it faces some stiff competition but it all falls down to the pricing.

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