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UK ‘critical’ companies to get cybercrime support

Companies which are classified as being critical to the infrastructure of the United Kingdom are going to receive support to prevent serious cyber attacks. A new service is starting which will combine industry experts with the services of a British eavesdropping agency.

Yesterday the two cyber incident response units launched in an effort to combat the growing risk of cyber attacks against British Companies. Johnathan Evans the former head of M15 spoke last year in the City Of London to say that his officers were discovering ‘industrial-scale processes involving many thousands of people lying behind both state-sponsored cyber espionage and organised cybercrime’.

There will be two schemes put in place. One will be an educational scheme to inform public sector bodies and universities about general practice in how to respond to an attack. The second scheme will engage directly with sophisticated attacked against UK networks, as they happen.

The FT said that Chloe Smith, minister for cybersecurity said that British Organisations are being confronted with complicated cyber threats. She said “The best defence for organisations is to have processes and measures in place to prevent attacks getting through, but we also have to recognise that there will be times when attacks do penetrate our systems and organisations want to know who they can reliably turn to for help.”

Kitguru says: It is difficult to know right now if these schemes will help long term, but it certainly will add another layer of support for companies who are struggling to deal with the rising issue of cybercrime.

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