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Storage Products Association forms to promote hard drives to end users

It is safe to say the vast majority of people know what a hard drive is and that it stores files for use at a later time. However, according to HGST, Seagate, Toshiba and Western Digital consumers should be better educated and to help make a difference they have teamed up in the Storage Products Association (SPA).

We hope our data is where we last left it.

Don Jeanette, director of product marketing at Toshiba, had this to say: “”Toshiba introduced hard drives using glass disks in 1991, but almost 25 years later, most people don’t know that most data is stored on glass disks inside their computers or out on the cloud. Yet, most users do know that their data is safe when stored by us. It is innovations like these, and thousands of others, that makes the hard drives one of the world’s most interesting technologies. While we don’t intend to make the casual user into a hard drive engineer, we do plan to showcase some of the new innovations that will change our users’ lives, starting with the radical integration of NAND and hard drives together into solid state hybrid drives.”

The group was announced yesterday at the Flash Memory Summit. Although it has not been detailed what we can expect moving forward, the SPA has released an infographic to highlight the importance of storage technologies on its website.

KitGuru says: Education is never a bad thing. We are curious to see what the SPA’s plans are to address growing international privacy concerns and the increasing number of cloud storage providers.

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