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Western Digital launches WD Black PCIe SSDs


Western Digital has been expanding into the SSD market throughout 2016 and it looks like the company wants to take things even further this year as this week, WD unveiled its first ever PCIe SSDs at CES, expanding the current lineup which already includes WD Green and WD Blue branded …

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Western Digital launches Blue and Green series SSDs


Western Digital has been well known for its hard drives for years now but this year, the company is stepping into the SSD arena. Following on from WD’s acquisition of SanDisk, the company has launched new Green and Blue series solid state drives in 2.5-inch and M.2 form. Blue and …

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Western Digital is buying SanDisk for $19 billion

Just after yesterday’s news regarding Western Digital’s talks to buy memory chip maker, SanDisk, the acquisition has been announced. WD will be taking over SanDisk for $19 billion, or $86.50 per share. The news was confirmed by Western Digital itself in a hefty press release posted online today. This acquisition …

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Chinese company acquires 15% stake in Western Digital

Unisplendour Corporation Limited (Unis), a government-controlled high-tech company from China, on Wednesday said that it will acquire around 15 per cent stake in Western Digital Corp., the world’s largest maker of hard disk drives. In total, Unis will invest $3.775 billion, which will be used to strengthen Western Digital’s balance …

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Sales of solid-state drives hit $15 billion in 2014

The market of solid-state drives is growing exponentially. In fact, total available market of SSDs hit $15.1 billion in 2014, if the numbers from Transparency Market Research are to be believed. Moreover, SSD sales are expected to grow by 40 per cent next year. According to a new market report …

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Seagate: Initial HDDs with HAMR will feature only 4TB capacity

Heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) technology is expected to enable hard disk drives with considerably larger capacities compared to HDDs available today. However, the first hard drives featuring HAMR will not offer any breakthroughs since they will largely be designed to evaluate the tech and learn about mass production of such …

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WD introduces high-performance 5TB and 6TB HDDs for consumers

Western Digital Corp. on Tuesday introduced its new WD Black hard disk drives with 5TB and 6TB capacities. The new HDDs are designed for consumers and creative professionals who require both high performance and high-capacity. In fact, the WD Black 6TB will be the company’s highest-performing consumer-class hard disk drive …

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Shipments of WD hard disk drives hit a multi-year low

Sales of hard disk drives by Western Digital Corp. dropped to a multi-year low in the second quarter of 2015 as sales of personal computers and consumer electronics dropped. Despite of sharp decline in shipments and revenue, the company remained profitable and even maintained its average selling price. In the …

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Seagate demos HAMR HDDs, vows to start shipments in 2017

Seagate Technology this week demonstrated a NAS packed with hard disk drives that use heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) technology. While the company claims that the NAS worked flawlessly, Seagate again reconsidered the launch timeframe for its HAMR HDDs and delayed them to 2017 – 2018. Nonetheless, the company is already …

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HGST formally introduces its 10TB hard disk drive

HGST, a maker of hard disk drives that belongs to Western Digital, on Tuesday formally introduced the world’s first hard disk drive with 10TB capacity. The HDD was developed for active archive applications and is not designed to offer leading-edge performance. Moreover, to use it, owners of datacenters will need …

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