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Spray on Battery powered bathroom tiles created

This is one of the more interesting stories today. Researchers at Rice University have developed a new spray on battery.

They layer five coats of specially formulated paint, a thin coat of lithium ion storage is applied to multiple surfaces, including ceramics, glass and steel.

The early tests seem positive, they were able to power a little array of LED lights for six hours, handling a load of 2.4 volts from the painted batteries. They tested further with 60 charge and discharge cycles and the batteries held their capacity well.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJDI5cAdhys']

Neelam Singh, the Rice student and lead author of the report said “Spray painting is already an industrial process, so it will be very easy to incorporate this into industry,” she said. “We really do consider this a paradigm changer.”

Kitguru says: The potential for this technology seems very high.

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