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Microsoft announce list of countries getting Windows Phone 8

Microsoft have been opening talking about Windows Phone 8 in recent weeks and we know that 180 countries will be getting it later this year. Until a few hours ago this list was not made public, however they posted it on a blog page.

The list details every country that will have access to Windows Phone 8 Marketplace and the App Hub submission portal when devices featuring the upcoming Mobile operating system arrive.

This list of 180 is a huge step from the previous 38 markets which developers had access to.

They say in their blog “As we announced last week, with Windows Phone 8 we’re dramatically expanding our footprint around the globe. Consumers will be able to browse and download apps in more than 180 countries at launch—roughly three times the 63 markets served today. Developers, meanwhile, will be able to submit apps to those same markets via App Hub, up from 38 markets.”

They add “Finally, we’re putting the finishing touches on the next versions of Marketplace and App Hub, both of which have been totally rebuilt from the ground up to be more robust and scalable. You can look forward to faster certification and publishing times, better reporting options, and more—all of which I’ll have much more to say about in future posts.

One tidbit about them that I am disclosing at TechEd: Our new architecture makes it possible for us filter apps based on screen resolution and other key characteristics, helping you better target your audience, thus increasing customer satisfaction and lowering your support costs.”

You can check out the full list below. (Blue – New for Windows Phone 8. Black – available today).

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