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NeverWet is a freaky substance that makes anything waterproof

We have all had accidents, either with clothing or electronic apparatus, where liquids have been involved and the product in question has died. But what if it didn’t have to die?  What if no matter how hard you tried, you simply could not destroy your most beloved possessions with a liquid?  NeverWet seem to have made the impossible, possible.

If you have ever studied soap at school or college, then you will know that the general principal is that you manage to pair two molecules, one of which is hydrophilic and the other hydrophobic. When you mix them into your wet clothes, the hydrophobic parts of the soap’s chemistry will grab onto anything except water and the hydrophobic parts grab water. You apply agitation and the dirt that was attached to your clothes gets ripped away, into the water, and your shorts etc emerge clean and smelling fresh.

What if you could apply hydrophobic chemicals to other things, stuff that you use in everyday life?

That would give you the basis of water-proofing.

The boffins at NeverWet have taken this to the extreme with the commercialisation of a superhydrophobic chemical compound.

Check this video for yourself:-

KitGuru says: The real world applications are huge, but the prank ones are certain to be funnier. We’re not going to drag down this report with a list of toilet humour tricks that we think would work all too well, but we will place bets on a huge number of NeverWet prank videos hitting YouTube in the near future.

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  • Redsky

    Its a really clever idea and i applaud them but i cant help thinking what happens when you come to wash your clothes?

  • Freaky substance? More like FREAKIN AWESOME!

  • Дмитрий Бандуренко

    I don’t like NeverWet – it’s so hard to use (2 types of cans, needs equipment etc.) and leaves stains on my white shoes! I prefer Always Dry for Textile and Leather (no stains, no smell and easy to apply)