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Will fat melting pants stand up to scientific lab testing?

As an organisation whose entire business has been built on the quality of its independent reviews, KitGuru has a general interest in all things lab-related. So when we heard about an Australian company’s fat-busting trouser system, we were intrigued to know more. KitGuru rolls slightly sideways to hide the cellulite while reading more about Scala Trifil Shapewear.

Most people in the West have a dream (buried deep inside all the ones we actually speak about), that a product can be bought which will magically improve our lives and health – without the need to actually change our lifestyle.

Part of that dream manifests itself in the mad rush to buy each new generation of iPhone and iPad.

Somehow, buying a new product will buy us a new life.

Over half a million Australians, armed with that dream, have invested in a pair of magic long-johns called Scala Trifil Shapewear which are imbued with Active Bio Crystals and are able to emit Ultra Infra Red rays, which melt fat and destroy cellulite – just by wearing them in the day.

Now doctors Harvey (consumer rights champion) and Nielsen (Brazcomm lab master) are shaping up for a full-contact battle in the new year. Dr Nielsen says that he has hundreds of pages of scientific study showing that the fat-busters have been clinically proven to work (randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies no less) – while Dr Harvey says that it’s all bollox.

If these magic under pants really do work, we reckon the WoW community will place a few orders. Probably.

KitGuru says: We would SO love these magic under garments to work, but we’re not convinced that Dr Nielsen will emerge victorious in the new year when the whole argument is set to go fully legal. While expecting disappointment, we’re crossing our fingers that the bio-active crystals and ultra infra red energy is all real. You know, like Santa.

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