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Dre Beats rip-offs brazenly bask in the London sun

When it comes to PCs, we’ve almost completely forgotten that we’re actually talking about ‘compatibles’ – that we don’t buy the original ‘IBM PC’, we actually buy something that agrees to ‘work in a similar way’ and that’s fine. But a Sunday morning stroll along one of the busiest markets in Europe reveals a darker side to *ahem compatibles. KitGuru dons ski goggles to protect its identity.

Roll the clock back 12 months and the UK was in the grip of severe weather warnings. Today, you’re more likely to be in need of sun cream. Along the streets of Camden, market traders were busy preparing stands in the 11 degree mini heat wave.

Strolling past the first few stands with Dr Dre Beats headphones in slightly weird colours, the ‘plastic’ look was being registered somewhere in the dark reptilian areas of the brain, but we hadn’t processed the images properly until we almost walked into a stand full of them.

We reckon the fastest way to know if a pair of headphones is genuinely worth over £100 is to check if the store owner has piled them high, in the middle of the street with little/no security – while at the same time their sales assistants watch people like hawks when they touch cheap jewellery selling for £10. Nuff said. In our humble opinion.

The sheer variety of box type, plastic colour and quality of finish means that CAN'T all be real

KitGuru says: Without doubt, the watch rip-offs of yesteryear have been replaced by these cheapo technology copies. Given how brazen the infringement is, it’s hard to understand why the police haven’t raided the stalls that are in violation. Maybe Scotland Yard still remembers Dr Dre’s hit single, F*** Da police.

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