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HTC hits back at claims it copied the iPhone 6 design

The newly revealed HTC One A9 smartphone has faced some criticism recently thanks to its design. Many sites have branded it as a copy of the iPhone 6 and now, HTC has finally responded to those claims, hitting back by saying that actually, it was Apple that copied HTC's design …

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Dre Beats rip-offs brazenly bask in the London sun

When it comes to PCs, we've almost completely forgotten that we're actually talking about ‘compatibles' – that we don't buy the original ‘IBM PC', we actually buy something that agrees to ‘work in a similar way' and that's fine. But a Sunday morning stroll along one of the busiest markets …

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Toys ‘R’ Us accused of making cheap knock offs

Innovation and inspiration are not quite twins, but they are very close cousins. By the same token, derivation and downright rip-off are also closely related. Lawyers get phat on the differences between these words and, right now, some of those lawyers belong to Acer, Foxconn, Kingston and Toys ‘R' Us. You may …

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