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Iran fail to get monkey into space

Iran have failed with the latest step in their space program – to launch a monkey into space. Reports indicate that the ‘monkey stage' has ended in failure, which will assuredly have ramifications for the next stage which was to launch a man into space by 2020.

They were successful in getting worms, a rate, and some turtles into space, but the date for the monkey launch has never been revealed. According to the LA Times Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had intended to send the monkey into space onboard the Kavoshgar 5 rocket.

The news of this failed launch has been a surprise for many followers of the project. The Iranian concept of launching a monkey into space is not a new idea, it was handled before by the US and Soviet Union, using dogs and chimpanzees to test their abilities to launch living creatures into space, then try to bring them back, alive.

Kitguru says: To boldy go where no Iranian chimp has gone before.

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