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OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid 1TB HDD/SSD Review

Rating: 9.0.

The Solid State Drive industry has been rolling ahead at an incredible pace this year, with many companies releasing a range of performance drives for demanding enthusiast users. OCZ have been at the forefront of this market, with a portfolio of quality drives targeting a wide audience. Today we are looking at their latest product – the OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid 1TB, which is a combination of Solid State and mechanical drive technology … at a very exciting price point.

One of the negative aspects when buying a Solid State Drive is the relatively small storage capacity, especially when factoring in the price. A select audience don’t always understand why they are asked to fork out £150 for a 128GB SSD, when a 1TB mechanical drive can be bought for less than £50. Educating the ‘average’ punter on ‘speed v capacity’ isn’t always straightforward.

OCZ Technology have created a new ‘Hybrid’ drive which combines the speed of a Solid State Drive, with the capacity of a mechanical drive. They claim this PCIe based RevoDrive Hybrid “not only eliminates the SATA bottleneck to unleash groundbreaking bandwidth and landmark IOPS performance, but it also includes a high-capacity hard disk drive and intelligent software that integrates SSD and HDD into a single high-performance and high-capacity storage solution.”

Thanks to the use of clever caching software this could be the breakthrough that most people have been waiting for. Frequently used hot data stays on the SSD drive while the cold data remains on the slower, but larger mechanical drive. OCZ are using advanced caching algorithms to learn and adapt to user behaviour. OCZ are classing this as the ‘next generation storage’ system. Can it deliver the goods?

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  • Thomas Davis

    yay, kudos to OCZ. about time 🙂

  • Henry

    Thats really good. Didnt think that would be possible. Is it just for Windows 7 ?

  • Tenfold High

    I was wondering when something like this would be released, and it came quicker than I imagined. There will always be a trade off with a mechanical drive in the mix, but they seem to have it narrowed down a good bit.

  • Nought to do

    great stuff. been waiting for something like this. reckon they could make a 2.5 inch drive like this? obviously it would be much thicker in dimensions and not practical for a laptop, but for a desktop? would make a lot of sense. 1TB sata 6GBps drive right at the limits of the platform for about £350?

  • Dennis

    This is really incredible. 1tb for under £400 at this speed? OCZ really do lead the way in SSD tech.

  • Fanrit

    How do I know if my motherboard can support this? ive read some dont allow for booting.?

  • Trevor

    Its still a fair bit of cash. are they making a smaller size? 500gb would be great for £200 🙂

  • thomasxstewart

    lousy drive for money. seagate has similar pci-e drive with 10X performance for same money.

    drashek md

  • Dave


    what bollocks. 10GB/s read via a 2.5 inch drive and SSD combo for £400? lol.

  • procupine14

    Nought to do,

    I believe that Segate makes a drive in 300GB and 500GB sizes that is a hybrid SSD and mechanical HDD. I’m pretty sure that it even fits into a laptop. Now, I’m not sure about relative performance and they are pretty pricey for what they are but they do exhist.

    Now this OCZ drive, that is a nice piece. I would probably use something like this on my media PC for encoding purposes or the like. My RAID setup seems to slow down when running a lot of reads and writes. I bet that this would be substantially better at doing those type of things.

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