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FBI partner site hacked

In the latest in a long line of recent hacks, an Atlanta based FBI partner site has been compromised with 180 passwords stolen and leaked on the Internet.

The logins belonged to InfraGard, a public/private partnership which was dedicated to sharing information about threats to the US physical and Internet infrastructure. Paul Farley, the president of InfraGard Atlanta Members Alliance said “Someone did compromise the website, We do not at this time know how the attack occurred or the method used to reveal the passwords.”

The passwords which include users of communication companies, US Army and cybersecurity organisations have been published online by well known hacking group Lulz Security. This is the latest in a series of high profile attacks by the group of skilled hackers.

Lulz Security also issued a statement and they said they used one of the passwords to steal almost 1,000 work and personal emails from the chief executive of Unveillance. Lulz Security have said that they were acting in response to a report that the Pentagon are considering classifying some hacks as ‘acts of war’.

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