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Steve Jobs authorised biography – one of 2012’s biggest sellers?

Amazon have started to accept pre-orders for ‘iSteve: The Book of Jobs’ – the authorised biography of Apple’s iconic CEO and Co-Founder.

Plans are to release the book in March 2012, but the date might be moved back. Publishing house Simon & Schuster announced earlier this year that former Time executive Walter Isaacson was working on the authorised biography. Thanks to an aggressive marketing plan, Amazon will be offering the hardback book for 34 percent off the listed price at $19.80 (around £15) and $14.99 for the Kindle Edition (hopefully around £10). Currently Amazon are listing the sale for March 6th, 2012. Apple are listing the book on their own iBooks store for $14.99, matching Amazons.

While there are many books already available detailing the life of Steve Jobs, this book will be based around three years of exclusive and unprecedented interviews with Jobs and ‘extensive interviews’ with family, colleagues and competitors. The book’s promotional text says “iSteve is the definitive portrait of the greatest innovator of his generation.”

Isaacson has already written books on Einstein and Benjamin Franklin, which were good sellers for Simon & Schuster.

EDIT: Amazon have dropped the US price now to $18 for the hardback version of the book.

KitGuru says: This one is sure to contain exclusive information on the legendary Apple leader

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  • Daniel

    Authorised = sanitised. Yawn

    Jobs is a great businessman with good vision, but he’s not an innovator, or at least not in the last 30 years. He spots the best ideas of others, and hires good people to refine them.

    It’s funny, I know lots of people who work very hard and have skills they’ve learned, but they all like to pretend they don’t work and it’s all natural ‘talent’. Likewise with innovation, everyone wants to be considered a creator rather than a polisher. But there were Mp3 players before ipods, tablets before ipads, white laptops before macbooks, and over-priced kit before Apple stores…