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Amazon claim ‘best ever’ Kindle sales over Christmas

Amazon are reporting record sales for December, selling over 1 million Kindle tablet computers for every week in December. 2011 will go down as the year of the Kindle.

Amazon have always remained coy in regards to sales of their Kindle tablet computers, keeping the figures close to their chest. The sales figures in December are just too good to ignore however and the announcement comes at the year end. Sales in 2011 have been immensely strong for Amazon, as they have broken many of their turnover records.

Selling like hot cakes: The Amazon Kindle and Kindle Fire

The launch of the Kindle Fire has proven successful so far, selling millions of units already since launch only a short time ago. The Kindle Fire is a low cost alternative to the much more expensive Apple iPad and seems to appeal to the audience who would never spend £400 on a tablet.

Amazon are planning a larger version of the Kindle Fire for 2012, with more processing power and a higher premium, but still based around the Google Android operating system.

Insiders claim that Apple are concerned with sales of the Kindle Fire. They plan on releasing a lower cost 7 inch version of the iPad to go head to head with Amazon’s tablet in the budget sector.

Amazon apparently lose $5 per sale of the Kindle Fire, regaining the costs with sales of software and applications from their online store.

Kitguru says: We can’t imagine Apple will follow the exact same pricing strategy, so we would expect their budget tablet to cost more than the Kindle Fire.

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