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Barnes and Noble not dropping colour Nook tablets

Two months ago Barnes and Noble said they would be ditching their colour (non E Ink) tablets from their product line, but according to recent reports they have reversed their position. The range includes the Nook Color, the 2011 Nook Tablet and last years Nook HD and Nook HD+.

The company have recently been experiencing some concerns regarding their future. After they announced their plan to ditch some of their tablets, CEO William Lynch handed in his resignation. Chairman Leonard Riggio took on more responsibility within the organisation and considered buying out the companies retail wing. They said yesterday that that was not going to happen. Generally, there does seem to be some confusion in regards to their overall plan and position in the market going forward which is never a good sign.

Earlier this year Barnes and Noble added the Google Play store and a full suite of Google services to their Nook HD and HD+. The various Amazon Kindle E-readers have been the better seller with a much tighter and bigger online store ecosystem available to customers.

Kitguru says: Barnes and Noble have indicated that they are planning at least another one Nook before the end of the year, although no details have been released on which model they will be updating.

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