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This pulled Ouya ad is… different

While the little Android console Ouya, isn't exactly kicking up a storm of interest in itself, the developers are certainly branching out with their advertising, targeting Ren and Stimpy fans with a vomit and gore filled, cartoon advert for itself.

There's also more than a minor swing taken at more traditional home consoles and specifically “Medal of Duty,” an obvious mashup of Call of Duty and Medal of Honour – though one of those is a lot more relevant than the other.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0ha6Mb5_YQ']

Apparently the developers don't like the idea of people having to pay $60 for a game – as opposed to something like Knightmare Tower, which is a free online flash game, but $4 on the Ouya – especially when the game “sucks” and is “exactly the same” as the last one.

Instead, it wants you to buy an Ouya and try its hundreds of games for free. Of course, those games are pretty basic for the most part and are often found on smartphones anyway, but hey, it's gotta try something right?

Kitguru Says: While I'm not a Call of Duty (or Battlefield) fan, I think it's hard to argue that they suck. They're clearly popular and much loved games, even if the premise is pretty tired at this point. And it's obvious that they have a place in the modern gamers library, something that the Ouya is struggling to find. 

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