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PornHub releases ‘premium’ Christmas advert

In a wonderful parody of the typically sickly sweet Christmas adverts that populate TV and web-videos at this time of year, PornHub has released its own. While it does poke fun at the way these sorts of adverts are usually handled though, it is also trying to sell you a …

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Netflix spokesperson confirms no ads on platform

Over the past few days a few US users have become a little worried about their favourite on-demand platform. While Netflix has exclusively utilised a subscriber model for its VOD content, it began showing pre-roll adverts for some of its own produced shows like Orange is the New Black, Daredevil …

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Could Facebook bring back silent movies with muted ads?

Adverts online are always quite a contentious topic. Whether you’re talking about the use of adblock cutting into the revenue of independent sites like the one you’re reading right now, or endless annoyance inducing ones like pop-ups and those seemingly designed to give you a seizure; everyone usually has an opinion. …

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Would you pay for YouTube? Google think so

Youtube advert

It’s no secret that YouTube is the go to source for instantly watching online videos these days, with YouTube access being a consideration when people are buying anything from tablets and phones, to consoles and TVs, let alone PCs. But now that YouTube is in such a dominant position, as …

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UK Dungeon Keeper ad banned for misleading customers

The UK Advertising Standards Authority has banned a Dungeon Keeper advert after ruling that it mislead customers and shouldn’t be called a free game. The investigation came after a user complained that the advert omitted significant information. The advert in question said: “GET DUNGEON KEEPER ON MOBILE FOR FREE! … …

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Police to crack down on pirate site advertising

British authorities are hoping to go after pirate websites’ sources of revenue, in a continued bid to make them less profitable and less popular. The initiative will see the creation of a list of classified “illegal” websites, known as the Infringing Website List, which will then be distributed to companies …

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PCSpecialist launches new TV ads

If you’re tuning in to Channel 4 or a variety of other channels over the next few days, you might see one of the new PC Specialist adverts, featuring footage from upcoming games like Titanfall and Watch Dogs. Can your PC handle the next generation of gaming? [yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_t7UEbHEOA’] There’s …

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This pulled Ouya ad is… different

While the little Android console Ouya, isn’t exactly kicking up a storm of interest in itself, the developers are certainly branching out with their advertising, targeting Ren and Stimpy fans with a vomit and gore filled, cartoon advert for itself. There’s also more than a minor swing taken at more …

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Live action GTA V trailer in the works

Some images have shown up online for a supposed live-action trailer of Rockstar’s upcoming GTA V game, featuring crashed cars, destroyed environments and all the sort of mayhem you’d expect from a game in the GTA series – apart from cops getting shot with rocket launchers that is. The following …

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CA Department of Finance ad appeared on The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay Ad

The Canadian Department of Finance (DoF) has had to suspend an advertising campaign it had entrusted to Yahoo, after one of its Economic Action banners appeared on the file sharing website The Pirate Bay. Apparently the ad appeared along with the search results for a Dr Who episode. The official …

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