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PCSpecialist launches new TV ads

If you’re tuning in to Channel 4 or a variety of other channels over the next few days, you might see one of the new PC Specialist adverts, featuring footage from upcoming games like Titanfall and Watch Dogs. Can your PC handle the next generation of gaming?

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_t7UEbHEOA’]

There’s a few select partners onboard for the new campaign, so expect an emphasis on Intel and ASUS hardware, but there’s a lot on offer if you check out the PC Specialist configurator. 


“Many of the computers we build cannot be bought in the shops as we concentrate on selling high performance computers for the home, office and especially for gamers and professional digital photo/video editors,” said PCS.

KitGuru Says: Keep an eye out for the advert. Let us know if you spot it! 

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