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Does social media have a negative impact on teens?

Almost every young adult on the planet now uses social networking on some level or another, but the latest reports are indicating that it may also be influencing teenagers to drink and take drugs.

Obviously poor parenting is a part of the problem, but the new report by the Columbia University says that social networking sites are using ads depicting people smoking and drinking. The information says that younger people who see these pictures are five times more likely to use tobacco and three times more likely to drink alcohol. They are even twice as likely to use marijuana.

Experts claim that part of the problem is due to parents not monitoring what kids are doing, leaving them on their own. Those parents who check the Facebook pages will be more aware of what is going on and can take measures to steer their child in the right direction.

FOX31 have a video on the topic which you can watch over here.

Kitguru says: Peer pressure will certainly play a part.

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