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Getting to the bottom of smartphone addiction

Addiction is a serious problem in the world, and it’s not always about drugs and alcohol. Addiction takes many forms, and can encompass a wide range of unhealthy activities and interests. For example, people can become addicted to food, money, and video games. They can also become addicted to smartphones. …

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Facebook’s E-Commerce Plans Could Shift Digital Markets

Instagram may not come to mind when chasing down online sales, but Facebook's photo-oriented property very well may become an online storefront through a partnered app. News of Facebook's intentions to step into the realm of storefronts run by artificial intelligence broke as early as July revolving around a plan …

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Social networks, tech firms to block ‘extremist’ images


Some of the world's biggest technology firms are going to share a database of image and video hashes for ‘extemist content' with one another, in order to prevent them from appearing on their various platforms. This is much the same system they use to tackle child pornography and although it …

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Women driving growth of all social media

If you find yourself spending a lot of the day checking Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and all sorts of other social networking sites, because there's just so much content on there, you may have women to thank for it, as a new report from FinancesOnline shows that when it comes to …

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Social Media returns a man’s sight

Yesterday, the plight of one man came up on Facebook. It was only seen by a few thousand people, but they came together in a way that should make every technologist proud. KitGuru scans the fibre of social media and feels the fabric of society. KitGuru doesn't really deal in …

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China to unblock access to social media sites

It would seem that the Chinese government is finally ready to open up access to social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter after years of restricting and blocking access to sites across the country. There is a catch however, as there are only plans to make them publicly accessible …

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Turkish PM is not a Facebook fan

The prime minister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has named social media as “the worst menace to society,” suggesting that it is a tool of liars, that is being utilised to bad mouth the government and support protests in the country. Protests have been taking place due to the proposed …

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Does social media have a negative impact on teens?

Almost every young adult on the planet now uses social networking on some level or another, but the latest reports are indicating that it may also be influencing teenagers to drink and take drugs. Obviously poor parenting is a part of the problem, but the new report by the Columbia …

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