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Social Media returns a man’s sight

Yesterday, the plight of one man came up on Facebook. It was only seen by a few thousand people, but they came together in a way that should make every technologist proud. KitGuru scans the fibre of social media and feels the fabric of society.

KitGuru doesn't really deal in politics, unless it's the politics of freedom of thought and action that guarantees our future.

That said, anyone living in the UK (or a spread of European countries with universal health care) can see the heartache being caused in the USA by the introduction of programmes that are aiming to provide everyone with access to medicine.

The focus on this good news story is a man called Aaron Leitch, based in the USA. He has been afflicted by a form of cataract that, without simple surgery, would cause complete blindness very quickly – which would have a massive impact on his wife and kids.

Unfortunately, his health care insurance is very basic and, after careful checking, Aaron realised that he was several thousand dollars short of the amount needed for the sight-saving operation.

Aaron reached out to his social media group on Facebook and they rallied together – from across the globe – to sort the money needed for surgery within 24 hours.

In an ideal world, that is how universal healthcare should work – with a huge number of people giving a small amount when they are healthy, so that the ill can be taken care of properly when they need it.

If only Marilyn had known - maybe he could have reached out too
If only Marilyn had known – maybe he could have reached out too

KitGuru says: In a society dominated by stories about how the NSA/GCHQ is pushing us ever closer to the kind of police state monitoring that would make Orwell's Big Brother jealous, it's great to see the world wide web pulling in a positive direction. We wish Aaron luck with his operation.  

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