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GamesCom Booth Babe Check – Part 2

The world (of mostly Germans) has now had a chance to play Modern Warfare 3 alongside the latest iterations of all the most popular games, over at GamesCom 2011.

But was it all about long queues and smiles of ‘I have and you have not’ satisfaction?

Not a chance.

While the game distribution bean counters sit in darkened caves, calculating just how many of your special, magic, money beans they will be able to lift out of your collective Christmas pockets, there was more than simple pixels on show in Cologne to make you happy.

There were the professional presentation teams, hired specially for the event.

Which company made the best choice?

Let us know.

Horrible. How could they? Double plus blonde ladies? Just nasty - never seen anything like it!


This poor girl has suffered the ultimate DIY accident and ended up covered in a slap-dash mixture of emulsions.


Spend enough time around Gert's ladies on the CM Storm stand and you'll need a master cooler


Oh Dark Lord of all controllers gaming, just how does razer do it?


Babes packing heat? Now that's got to give you the Edge, Shirley?


We'd never consider spending time with 2 ladies at once - and neither should you. It's dangerous. OK?

KitGuru Says: So that was the second part of KitGuru’s Robo-Babe-Watch, let us know what you think.

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