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OCZ RevoDrive 3 x2 480GB Review

Rating: 9.5.

While many people have yet to upgrade to a regular Solid State Storage drive, there are professional users who demand even more performance. For this high end audience, OCZ have specially crafted the RevoDrive 3 x2, which is said to be the fastest consumer drive by a considerable margin.

Gone are the limitations of the SATA 3 interface thanks to the PCI-Express interface. OCZ claim a speed of 1.5GB/s read and 1.25GB/s write with a throughput specification of up to 200,000 IOPS @ 4k random write. Yes, that isn’t a misprint. we are talking 1GB/s+ performance, and then some.

The 480GB product we are testing today retails at a staggering £1,349.98 from leading UK retailer Dabs. Many enthusiast users will be looking at the 240GB version which is stocked for a more palatable £550 inc vat.

By using a PCIe x4 slot which is capable of 16 Gbps, OCZ are bypassing normal limitations, so performance should be staggeringly good.

OCZ are keen to point out that this drive is mostly targeted to workstation users who are need of that extreme performance level and who work with very demanding applications.

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  • Nester

    Its a lot of money for a drive (or card in this case, whatever its classed as), but for the high end audience this would rock. especially for video editing and streaming of HD content. I would guess that tv studios would use these a lot.

  • 63jax

    they don’t worth the money yet, way too expensive, not reliable, i better with two Raptors.

  • Joey

    I dont think this is meant as a mainstream solution. I cant ever see the need for this myself.

    A 120gb SATA 3 drive is more than enough for the mainstream audience, or even the high end audience, but this is a heck of a showcase for OCZ.

    Why do you say unreliable 63jax?? have there been reports?

  • Lancaster IV

    I heard the last ones had a fairly high failure rate. read a thread on it (think it might have been OCZ’s forum).

    Hadnt read anything about these. quitre a few reviews up already for the 3 series and everyone seems to say they are ass kicking everything else.

  • Iain

    Yeah, very nice. but id expect a new gaming laptop for the same price. PRO market product. scary speeds !

  • Julien

    and relating to the numerous and infamous BSOD and freezes found with the new Sandforce controllers?

  • Olin

    Are these drives failing too? or was that older ones? I dont think OCZ had a huge issue with 2281 failures. I think this was all sorted out a while ago….

  • 63jax

    i meant the SSDs in general are not reliable, OCZ has the highest return rate from them all, the safest right now are Intel’s drives, kinda…
    i personally will wait a bit longer to refine them.

  • Just a note to say that running check disk on a revodrive is a bad idea. It is OK to run check disk switch free but I lost 40 GB to bad secotrs when I attempted to run checkdisk with the “b” switch. ie.e “check for recover bad sectors”.