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Ex HP CEO Mark Hurd set to become Oracle Number 2

Mark Hurd ex Hewlett Packard CEO was defended immediately after his removal by Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, who called the board ‘idiots'. It seems Larry may be putting his money were his mouth is by contemplating him for a new job inside his company.

Mark Hurd has been credited with nearly doubling Hewlett Packard's market value to $100 billion and surpassing IBM Corp in annual revenue during his five year term as CEO. Larry Ellison is considering him as the new Number 2 at software behemoth Oracle.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison

The job position has yet to be clarified because Oracle has already two presidents working under Ellison, Charles Phillips and Safra Catz. Hurd has a very positive reputation within the industry as a skillful leader with an ability to run a immensely efficient business model.

KitGuru says: This move would be a strong one for Oracle who earlier this year purchased Sun Microsystems Inc for a staggering $7.4 billion.

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  1. didnt hurd pocket 30 million anyway from getting fired? Its a different world. if you get fired here for misconduct etc then you dont get any payout !