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Google Android phones race to surpass Apple iphone sales

Google will be very happy with the growth of their mobile phone platform. Android sales in August mean they now have a 25 percent marketshare, still some way to go before they catch Apple's 56 percent, but certainly on track.

Data firm Quantcast have been analysing sales and Apple are shipping 230,000 phones per day, helped by the launch figures of the iPhone 4, which were over 1.7 million in the first 3 days alone.

Google are apparently shipping 200,000 phones per day now, although Apple CEO Steve Jobs said that Google were also including ‘upgrades' in these figures.

Samsung Galaxy S- helping to push Android sales

Android is now at version 2.2 and popular phones such as the 1 million selling Galaxy S have helped to push adoption of the Google OS. Samsung are also claiming a potential 25 million sales in the future.

KitGuru says: The only fly in the ointment is Oracle's infringement lawsuit against Google and how this may possibly damage the Android platform.

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