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Google acquire 1,023 patents to strengthen defenses

Regular readers of Kitguru will already be aware that Google passed over some patents to HTC recently, in a case to help them fight against Apple. The latest news to reach us is that Google have taken over a thousand patents from IBM.

The reason for this is similar to the above, many believe that they are strengthening their defense against competitors such as Apple – who are on the rampage lately. The 1,023 patents which were passed over have been listed by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

No financial information has been listed and recently CEO Larry Page said that they would rather concentrate on developing their own patents, rather than buying others. That said, this purchase from IBM shows that they want a strong foundation to move forward with.

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt: others are jealous of their success

Apple have targeted some companies who use Android as a platform and there are currently many lawsuits in action across the globe. Google chairman Eric Schmidt has said before that the lawsuits have been inspired by jealousy due to the organisations overall success in the industry.

Kitguru says: Building fortifications is a good way to move forward.

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