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IBM details its new 7nm Power10 processor

IBM has revealed its next generation of Power processors. The upcoming Power10 CPUs were designed to “meet the unique needs of enterprise hybrid cloud computing”, focusing on its performance and energy efficiency across a multitude of workloads. The IBM Power10 CPU is being developed for over 5 years and it …

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IBM filed over 8000 patents in the US in 2016


It looks like IBM's Research and Development department kept itself incredibly busy last year as it turns out the company filed a record breaking 8,088 patents in the US over the course of 2016. This means IBM has kept its streak going, filing the most US-based patents in a year …

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IBM now using biometrics to prevent fraud in online banking


Banking institutions that make use of IBM's Trusteer Pinpoint Detect system to help secure their online platforms, will now be able to make use of biometric tracking to prevent fraud. The system is able to track mouse movements, clicks and other interactions, to build up profiles of users, thereby detecting …

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Oracle and Intel take fight to IBM server market

Intel is making big pushes into a number of different markets this year, driving its low-power, small form factor chips into wearables and micro-systems, and looking to make its Xeon CPUs dominate in the hotly contested server market with the help of Oracle. Together they're hoping to convince enterprise customers …

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GlobalFoundries: We started to tape-out chips using second-gen 14nm process technology

GlobalFoundries on Friday confirmed that the first products to be made using the company’s advanced 14nm LPP [low-power plus] manufacturing technology had been taped out. The contract maker of chips did not reveal any details, but indicated that prototype chips had demonstrated “excellent” performance and yields. One of the customers, …

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Chinese investors eye GlobalFoundries to get new process technologies

China's National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund has reportedly approached GlobalFoundries about possible acquisition or cooperation. Chinese investors intend to take over GlobalFoundries in order to significantly improve Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) and make it one of the world’s largest contract makers of semiconductors. China-based Hua Capital Management, which …

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Nintendo NX might not be as powerful as the PS4

It is pretty evident that one of the reasons why Nintendo Wii U has failed on the market is its low performance and lack of support of high-definition resolutions. While it is very logical for Nintendo to add support for full-HD graphics to its next-generation video game system to be …

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U.S. clears acquisition of IBM’s chip unit by GlobalFoundries

GlobalFoundries this week said that the U.S. authorities had approved its acquisition of IBM’s microelectronics business unit. From now on, GlobalFoundries will make various important semiconductors for the U.S. military and government agencies. The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) has reviewed the proposed transaction between IBM and …

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IBM is now offering employees Macs for the first time

IBM has begun offering its employees the choice between Mac OS X and the traditional Windows PC for the first time, following a deal with Apple that came around last year in an effort to push iOS in to the enterprise market. Now when setting up a new employee workstation, …

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GlobalFoundries is working on 10nm process technology internally

Just like other contract makers of semiconductors, GlobalFoundries is already developing its next-generation 10nm process technology. However, despite of the fact that GlobalFoundries is about to acquire IBM’s semiconductor manufacturing business and the company’s close ties to Samsung Electronics, the 10nm fabrication tech is developed completely internally at the moment. …

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Ex AMD CEO Rory Read joins Dell as COO

Rory Read, a former chief executive office of Advanced Micro Devices, on Monday joined Dell as the chief operating officer. Among other things, Mr. Read will be responsible for sales of commercial systems at Dell. Rory Read, who spent nearly three decades at IBM and Lenovo, will become chief operating …

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