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GlobalFoundries: We are producing 14nm chips for our customers, yields on-track

GlobalFoundries on Wednesday confirmed that it is had initiated high-volume production of chips for its customers using 14nm FinFET (14LPE) process technology. The company claims that yields of its 14nm semiconductors are comparable to yields at Samsung Foundry, the company that developed the 14LPE.

“Our 14nm ramp is right on track and our yields are on par with our partner Samsung,” said Jason Gorss, a spokesman for GlobalFoundries.

GlobalFoundries does not disclose how many wafers it can start to process per month using the 14nm LPE [low-power early] manufacturing technology. However, the company indicates that a significant portion of equipment needed for commercial production of chips using 14nm FinFET process has already been installed.


Samsung Electronics began high-volume production of its 14nm Exynos system-on-chips for smartphones using 14LPE process technology in late 2014. The company uses the processors inside its Galaxy S6 smartphones, which indicates that yields are high-enough to make production commercially viable. If GlobalFoundries’ 14nm yields on par with Samsung, it means that they are generally rather good.

GlobalFoundries licensed Samsung’s 14LPE (low-power early) and 14LPP (low-power plus) fabrication processes in 2014. The manufacturing technologies feature FinFET transistors and rely on back-end-of-line (BEOL) interconnects of a 20nm node. Usage of 14nm FinFET transistors allows to increase performance of chips [compared to 20nm chips] by 20 per cent at the same power or cut power consumption by 35 per cent without decreasing performance or complexity. Later on GlobalFoundries will start to produce more advanced chips using 14nm LPP [low-power plus] fabrication process that is designed to enable additional performance amid moderate power consumption.

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KitGuru Says: It looks like the first batch of commercial 14nm chips has already left GlobalFoundries. Hence, if you bought a Samsung Galaxy S6 recently, the chances are that there is a GlobalFoundries-made chip inside it.

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  1. Patrick Proctor

    Low power is the easy part. When they get yields up on high power, that’s when we’ll know if GloFo is really going to be able to serve AMD’s needs through 2016.

  2. so almost catching up to intel but not really
    (im typing this on a true, full 14nm cpu…)

  3. elizabethbfiore

    I can see what your saying@58



  4. Do you mean they can only make mobile chips at 14nm right now and not desktop class ones yet?

  5. Patrick Proctor

    That’s implied by the low power early and low power plus included in the article.