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Google Buzz Settlement emails sent to users

You may have been one of the many gmail users to receive an email detailing a settlement over the Google Buzz service, which became a talking point about online privacy over the last year.

Google have acknowledged the settlement, proposed and agreed by both parties in October for $8.5 million. Users have been notified about the case and further information can be read over here.

Users are not entitled to a portion of the cash but they say that privacy threats no longer exist. Additionally Google are required to be more active in their Buzz related public education efforts. Google said “it will make additional efforts to educate users about the privacy aspects of Buzz”. Finally Google will create an $8.5 million settlement fund, which will go towards “existing organizations focused on Internet privacy policy or privacy education.”

Users have the option to exclude themselves from the settlement by Dec 6th and can bring another suit. Objections must be filed with the court by Jan 10th.

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