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Halo Reach – hundreds queue for their copy

Halo Reach has been receiving positive reviews so far from most of the online press and it is certainly going to be one of the biggest games this year. Hundreds queued last night to get their hands on a copy.

400 stores opened in the UK to sell the game at midnight and in Stockholm, Seattle, Sydney, London and Oslo there were high profile events being held for a celebration of the release.

Halo Reach is the fourth game in the series from US developer Bungie, and the previous title Halo 3 once held the mantle as biggest selling game of all time, until it was usurped by Call of Duty 2: Modern Warfare.

This time you play the part of a super soldier called Noble 6 as you battle the aggressive alien collective.

Guy Cocker, editor of gaming website GameSpot UK, said the title was “quite a big deal” and had generated a lot of excitement on the web.

“We’re able to track activity and Halo Reach is the most popular game on the site right now,” he said.

“In comparison to Halo 3 though, I’m not sure how well it will go down.

“It’s had a good critical reception, but Microsoft are certainly spending a lot of money promoting the game,” he added.

He is spot on, Microsoft have spent over 60% more promoting Halo Reach than they did with Halo 3. Microsoft were worried when leaked copies of the game appeared on Bitorrent sites last month, but it hasn’t really ruined the impact of the launch.

KitGuru says: Do you like the game? have you got your copy yet?

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