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High tech Japanese toilet can be hacked

Security researchers at Trustwave have revealed a vulnerability with high tech Japanese toilets. The issue means that anyone who downloads the Inax Satis application can control any high tech toilet.

According to Trustwave all Inax Satis Bluetooth toilets have the same Bluetooth Pin (0000) hardcoded. Anyone who downloads the application is able to control any toilet within range. They say they have warned Inax three times since their discovery in June.
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If you download the application and enter the hardcoded PIN then anyone within range of a toilet with an Android phone can access the toilets. The user could flush the toilet, get information on how many times it has been used and other detailed, slightly unappealing information.

Trustwave also added that a rogue user could control functions such as the drying functions and the toilet’s bidet. While jinks could be performed on a colleague, such as flushing when unexpected there is a chance of more serious issues. The toilets could be triggered to continually flush, flooding the area.

Kitguru says: Low tech toilets for the win.

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