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Oxfordshire to get superfast broadband

Good news for people who are currently living in Oxfordshire in the UK. British Telecom say that 64,000 Oxfordshire homes and businesses will get faster broadband speeds by 2015.

The programme is funded by £25 million, £10 million of which came from the Oxfordshire county council, £4 million from the government and £11 million from British Telecom.

British Telecom say that 90 percent of the premises will have access to broadband speeds of 24 Mbps or greater when the work is completed.

Currently the average speed in Oxfordshire is 12.3 Mbps and 10.6 percent of the premises receive less than 2Mbps, which is way behind the national average. Are you currently in a poor area? let us know your location and speeds.

Kitguru says: The good times are coming!

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