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Microsoft give employees Windows 8 tablets, handsets and PC’s

Microsoft don’t want their staff using competitor products. Steve Ballmer, their colourful CEO recently held their annual employee meeting and announced a series of freebies that Microsoft employees will be getting.

90,000 Microsoft employees worldwide will be getting a new Surface RT tablet, a new work PC with Windows 8 installed. The employee can choose either a desktop, laptop/ultrabook. Microsoft replace all employee computers every three years to ensure they are up to date and running the latest software. Lastly, they also get a shiny new Windows 7 Smartphone, which they are allowed to select themselves.

The employee meeting is never open to the public, or press but information always leaks to the press, especially with the popularity of social networking. Some employees couldn’t keep their excitement under wraps and hit Twitter and Facebook.

Some of the Microsoft employees seemed really impressed with the Ballmer speech at the event – message hit social networks which read:

“Wow! Steve Ballmer blew the rough [sic] off the Key Arena for the company meeting today! Can’t share details though. ;-)”

“Steve Ballmer is the new Oprah! Our Company Meeting was so magical, everyone was glued to their seats. So much innovation!”

“Quite the energetic, emotional and very generous ending to the Microsoft company meeting from Ballmer!”

Kitguru says: Steve Ballmer, the new Oprah? that is one heck of a quote!

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