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Apple store down in preparation for iPhone 5 preorders

The Apple store has been taken down in preparation for the bombardment from customers who want to pre-order the new iPhone 5. Apple expect that demand will be high and are working behind the scenes to ensure their infrastructure can cope with the Apple fanatics pounding their network of servers worldwide.

If you head to the Apple store this morning, the announcement has hit their front page, with videos available from CEO Tim Cook and designer Jonathan Ives. As the user progresses further into the site there is a ‘buy’ option, but currently this is not working.

An animated GIF displays the same text in multiple languages. The store will be back online soon, they are preparing to take your order. There is no doubt that Apple are the masters of generating hype and ensuring that the fanboys click constantly on the page, wanting to be first in line to secure the new iPhone 5.

Kitguru says: Are you one of the people hitting refresh hoping to get in first for a pre-order?

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