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Sony still under attack, BMG greek site falls

Sony have been having a rough time in recent weeks, with the latest news sure to cause more disruption for the electronics giant. Sony are still under attack by hackers and the Sony BMG Greek site has fallen to an attack.

Personal details of users who are registered to the SonyMusic.gr site have been compromised, and hackers have downloaded the details, publishing them in the public domain via a text sharing site. Thankfully credit card information has not been included and some of the data has been proven to be corrupt. Sadly however 8,000 people have had their user accounts plastered over the net. Luckily, the password details are encrypted.

It is another face slap for Sony, who are still reeling from the embarrassing hack into their main PlayStation Network over recent weeks. The continual attacks on Sony are a product of being seen as extremely aggressive in their witch hunt of well known hacker George Hotz, who posted information on the Playstation 3 root key, allowing people to compromise the console's security system. Sony also responded with lawsuits against people who created a custom firmware for the Playstation 3, meaning they could play downloaded games. Sony at the same time even tried to stop people discussing the holes in the system, threatening lawsuits.

Sony set themselves up as a high profile target and since then their PSN network was hacked, with millions of customers information hijacked by a mysterious individual/group, yet to be tracked. The effects of this high profile hack will apparently cost Sony around $2 billion.

Chester Wisniewski of Sophos said in a recent conversation “It is nearly impossible to run a totally secure web presence, especially when you are the size of Sony. As long as it is popular within the hacker community to expose Sony's flaws, we are likely to continue seeing successful attacks against them.

“While it's cruel to kick someone while they're down, when this is over, Sony may end up being one of the most secure web assets on the net.”

KitGuru says: Sony continually kicked, and trying to recover. Will it end?

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