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State settlement with Microsoft buys 1,400 iPads for US schools

Money from a State Settlement with Microsoft is being put to good use, although we aren’t so sure that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will have the same view. A total of 1,400 iPad tablets are being purchased for students.

These iPads are being paid for with part of a $3.4 million state negotiated settlement with Microsoft.

The Winconsin State Journal write “District officials are enthusiastic about the possibilities presented by tablets, from students wirelessly sharing classroom work to replacing workbooks purchased each year with online “apps.” Other districts in Dane County and around the state are already experimenting with tablets.

In December the School Board approved a plan to divide $2.1 million of the settlement among the schools with each getting $85.09 per student. Some schools chose to spend that money on iPads while others spent it on laptops, smart boards, projectors or other technology upgrades.

The district plans to spend an additional $442,000 of settlement funds on iPads, which it can buy for $479 apiece.”

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Apple recently announced that they are making textbooks available through their iBooks application which has gained the interest of many educational leaders.

The iPads will debut in 20 elementary schools, 10 middle schools and Memorial, Shabazz and West High schools by mid March.

“Principals have proposed using the tablets in a variety of ways. Sandburg Elementary, which is receiving the most iPads with 105, plans to experiment with each student in four classrooms accessing a device. Other schools, like Gompers Elementary, which is receiving two iPads, are allowing teachers to experiment with use in their planning and record-keeping.”

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