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Twitter co founder Evan Williams leaves to pursue startup

Twitter co-founder Evan Williams has posted on his personal blog that the time had come to leave Twitter and look at doing something new.

Twitter announced earlier this week that co founder Jack Dorsey was back in charge of product development and that Williams who had replaced Dorsey as CEO (but was since replaced by Dick Costolo) had stepped away from the business.

Williams will remain on the board of directors and will be an adviser, but in his post entitled ‘An Obvious Next STep’ he said as soon as Dick Costolo ascended to the position of CEO ‘my mind started to wander’.

Evan William: will twitter no more

“The reason I left Blogger/Google when I did is that I felt it had reached a place where it was on solid ground and in capable hands (at the time, Jason Goldman’s as product manager). Though still an independent company, I realized Twitter may be at a similar point today.”

“Now that Twitter is in capable hands that aren’t mine, it’s time to pick up a whiteboard marker and think fresh. There are other problems/opportunities in the world that need attention, and there are other individuals I’d love to get the opportunity to work with and learn from. (Details to come.)”

“While I doubt I’ll get so lucky a third time, as my good friend Biz Stone likes to say, ‘Creativity is a renewable resource.’ Let’s see what happens.”

KitGuru says: Will be interesting to see what startup Williams gets behind.

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