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GAME buying 3DS consoles from Tesco to resell

Eurogamer have found a secret document which doesn't put retailer GAME in a very good light. The article claims that GAME authorised their staff to take £1,000 out of store tills in order to buy game and console packs from Tesco and restock them as preowned.

Tesco is said to have set the price of the recently released 3D handheld below the wholesale price as a ‘loss leader'. This move means that people would buy one when ordering their weekly groceries while walking about the store.

Tesco's was selling the console for £175 when bought with a £35 game, while GAMES instore price was £220. Used units can sell for up to £215, so each sale would earn GAME £40 at a time. Oh boy.

“Whilst we are unable to competitively match this offer in terms of a mint price,” reads the document, “it offers a great opportunity to gain 3DS consoles and games for your store's pre-owned stock.”

New or used? whats the difference. Probably just £25 in the case of GAME units

People who went to Tesco on launch day to buy a 3DS and then bought a used one from GAME for more money are going to be really annoyed when they read this.

Reports apparently say that GAME staff were not forced to buy the console from Tescos but apparently one staff member got chewed out for not doing as he was told.

KitGuru says: Buying a console for £175, then reselling it as used for £200+. nice move!

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