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Youtube Hit: UK woman arrested for Racial abuse recorded on camera

One of the more unpleasant stories this week was supplied courtesy of Emma West, aged 34 who lives in Croydon, UK. She insulted an array of people on a Croydon to Wimbledon tram shouting that people of ethic minorities should ‘get back to their own country’. The disturbing video has already been viewed over 5 million times on Youtube.

The police have arrested her for racially abusing other passengers and her antics have become the talking point now on many radio stations and television shows. Her rant at travelers lasted for many minutes, with parents asking her to stop as there were young children close by. In a damning indication of how aggressive modern life can be, her young son was filmed sitting on her lap throughout the rant, playing with an action figure.

British Transport Police said they responded after the video was brought to their attention. If you want to check the video out, head over to youtube, but be warned it will be offensive to many people (which is why we aren’t directly embedding it).

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