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AC RYAN VEOLO Android Media Streamer Review

Rating: 8.0.

AC Ryan have been at the forefront of easy to use, compact media streaming devices in 2011 and today we are looking at their latest VEOLO Android Media Streamer. This product is a ‘smart android hub’ which is sold as a complete entertainment experience. AC Ryan also promise a low power draw, so it could be an economical solution to reduce your energy footprint.

I always liked AC RYAN’s PLAYON! products, having reviewed most of the range on Kitguru in the last year. They delivered a small physical footprint with support for a wide array of media files and proved a popular choice among the enthusiast audience.

The VEOLO is based around Android 2.2 (codename ‘Froyo’) and can be used to interact with the internet and to stream media files you may have stored on a local network.

Features Overview:

  • Internet TV web browser, with HTML5, Adobe Flash & Chrome V8 JavaScript support
  • Apps and Widgets via AndroidPIT
  • Full HD Network Media Streamer, with the most format support
  • VEOLO 3-in-1 Remote Control, incl. QWERTY keyboard and wireless pointer
  • Gigabit 10/100/1000Mbps wired LAN and Built-in wireless 802.11 b/g/n

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  • Dennis

    I think I was the first person to buy one of these in the UK when scan stocked them. I love it. its very small and the remote controller is brilliant. I dont use it for downloading apps much, just a memory optimiser which was free and a new browser. It works fab with my LCD tv in the living room.

  • Francis

    Looks lovely, very small too. I always looked at a playon device, but many people on their forums complained about the lag problems and that would drive me batty. This one seems more responsive.

  • Harry Mcintyre

    Piano black looks great in pictures, but my DVD player is the same and it looks like someone played football with it last night, its cleaned every week too.

    Still, im impressed with this, apart from the almost £200 asking price. seems a bit much even with the gyro style remote.

  • Tony

    What a brilliant little product. ill be ordering one from scan this week.

  • GBrian

    Nice idea, but it seems to lack a lot of image adjustment settings, is that all their is? contrast, brightness etc? thats a bit lame,

  • Iain

    Good company, I bought their mini device months ago and its served me well, its still a bit sluggish but it must be down to the hardware for that series. at least this one has half a gig of ram which will work well with android.

  • Joe

    I wouldnt even look at this if it wasnt for the power consumption. thats exactly why windows/Intel/AMD designs are so inefficient. T here are other alternatives and this is one im going to look at in more depth soon.

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