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Google gmail problems still ongoing for users

On Monday a small portion of Gmail users woke up to find that all their emails had vanished. Google have since said that the problems were due to a bad software patch which caused some accounts to reset to first time status.

A Google spokesperson said that the service would be back up for all users by Monday night, but so far it still seems to be causing a problem for the Google engineers.

The company have an Apps Status Dashboard which shows that engineers are still working on the issue although the service is now working for some of the troubled users.

So far the latest statement is that the problems will be fixed in the ‘near future’, with no date being mentioned. We already know that Google have offline tape backups of all their data, so obviously finding the missing information could be proving time consuming.

After the data was lost, rumours circulated on the net that Google were the victim of a hack, but the company had denied this and said that the problem was on their end. It is the first indication that relying completely on cloud services to hold important emails might not be the wisest course of action.

KitGuru says: Offline backups are still important, as this proves.

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