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Microsoft partners likely to ditch Windows RT tablet

Following on from our report yesterday, it looks as if other Microsoft partners may ditch their plans to produce Windows RT tablet computers. Toshiba have already pulled out which has set the industry wheels in motion as other Microsoft partners analyse the potential for ‘failure’.

Sources in Taipei who we spoke with a few hours ago say that Windows RT tablet computers may end up being a ‘Microsoft exclusive’ due to software compatibility concerns and weak performance. The main issue however for the partners is the competition from the Microsoft Surface, as the software giant will be able to undercut their partners on pricing.

Toshiba have already backed down from Windows RT tablet development and are using the claims of ‘component supply’ as a tactical reason for withdrawal.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. More partners likely to abandon the Windows RT tablet platform.

Other insiders are saying that the development of Windows RT devices is troublesome, especially with software driver issues in the early stages. Reports indicate that Windows RT feels ‘sluggish’ especially when compared against the more powerful Intel hardware running on Windows 8.

Kitguru says: Microsoft may have no competition from their partners in the Windows RT tablet sector. This could seriously damage them, long term.

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  • Kevin

    Where are these “reports” coming from? Did you make these up?

  • Yong Lei

    My contacts in Taipei, who dont want to be named. Toshiba are already out, others are likely to follow.

  • AS147

    A story lacking all the main facts !!!
    Toshiba pulled out due to hardware components shortages and that they would not be able to develop a device in time. Apparently, ARM components are becoming very hard to get hold of. It may be that Toshiba didn’t anticipate this.

    Next time please report the whole facts.

  • Brian

    @AS147. I think you need to check your facts.

    http://www.kitguru.net/laptops/yong-lei/toshiba-cancel-windows-rt-devices/ This was already reported on, but clearly Yong Yei has some sources in Taipei as he has just received some updated information.

    I also found this which would indicate that there are unhappy partners concerned about this. http://www.digitimes.com/news/a20120815PD208.html#

    This also points out that “could be the reasons that Toshiba has decided to back down from Windows RT development and is using the delays in component supply as an excuse.”

    Feeling a bit stupid now? eh?

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