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Nokia Lumia selling well in China. Will it continue?

Nokia are enjoying a raft of sales in China thanks to the release of their Lumia smartphones. They launched two new Windows Phone 7 Lumia phones, the Lumia 610C and 800C in China, in cooperation with China Telecom.

Michel van der Bel, COO of the Greater China region at Microsoft said that Windows Phones have made up 7% of China's smartphone sales recently, compared against 6% for the Apple iPhone.

Analysts feel that the sales may not continue however as sales are typically strong for a new phone. Industry insiders feel that in a few months the sales will start to decline.

Van der Bel has said however that this is only the initial stage of the Windows Phone attack on China and that the future release of Windows 8 based tablet PCs and Windows Phones will help drive sales.

Microsoft have a long way to go in China to match Android however, as the Google operating system holds 60% market share according to latest reports.

Kitguru says: Many feel Android will continue to grow as the Chinese government have just approved a $12.5 billion deal for Google to acquire Motorola Mobility.

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