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Windows RT Surface (expected) $199 price causing partner concern

Microsoft are treading a fine line with their partners and the latest news out of Taipei last night is that sources close to the company are claiming that Microsoft are aiming for a $199 launch price. Their partners are already furious at the news which is circulating ‘behind the scenes’ in Taipei, although no official word has been issued by Microsoft directly.

Many of Microsoft’s partners will be developing Windows 8 and Intel based tablets, aiming at a price point above $699 USD.

Sources close to Microsoft told me last night that Microsoft are aware that the pricing is key to their success, especially if they want customers to shift from the established Apple model. Microsoft want to acquire 30% or more of the market, which is a tall order.

An Asus Executive spoke off the record with us last night and said that if this price point is correct then they may opt out of releasing RT products completely as they wont be able to compete, with any profit margin. Other Windows RT partners such as Dell, Lenovo and Samsung have already been airing their concerns, wanting confirmation on Microsoft plans.

Kitguru says: Microsoft want to succeed in the tablet sector, regardless of the cost.

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